Remember that thought that went through your head back when you started your business? You know, when you finally realised all of the extra jobs you had to do, now you run a business?

One very important job all business owners have is marketing and sales, as without this you will have no customers.

“Ugh… I wish someone could just do this for me so I can concentrate on what I do best!”

Well That Should Be The Goal

There are just a few ‘phases’ business owners go through to get to that awesome place where they outsource and automate all of the ‘extra business things’ to other professionals.

In marketing, I call these 3 phases:

  • Pre-Plan Phase
  • Implementation / Testing Phase
  • Delegation / Outsource Phase

Why Go Through These 3 Phases When You Could Just Automate Straight Away?

Because it usually isn’t that simple to outsource the important task of marketing – at least not to make it successful, effective and bring you a good return on investment.

In order to successfully delegate and outsource, you first need a marketing plan. Next, you need to test this plan to make sure it gets results in the real world. Once those 2 boxes are checked you can hire someone to implement your plan for you.

If you decide to go ahead and skip straight to phase 3 without a planning or testing first, buckle yourself in as you’re going to have a bumpy and expensive drive…

Plan Yourself, Delegate Later

The thing that business owner don’t realise is that when they jump in at the deep end and hire a marketing professional right at the beginning to look after their marketing for them WITHOUT a clear and structured plan in place, they will essentially be hiring the marketing professional to create a marketing plan or process for them.

Great so far you think? Perhaps not… It may take months for them to map out a process and put everything together, all the while money is going out, but not nothing is coming back in.

Once the plan is in place, the marketing professional will test everything out.

At the start, there will certainly be elements of the marketing process that won’t work as expected, so you will be paying your marketing professional to sort this out, AGAIN without necessarily receiving any results.

Eventually, you finally get there. Your marketing professional has a plan, has tested it, and it’s working. Now for some circumstance, they find themselves moving to another agency, or their agency is changing completely, or if you’ve hired them in house, they move onto a bigger and higher paying job with another company.

Here’s the bad bit… Now all of your marketing processes, know-how, and essentially your whole plan leaves with them.

This may mean you have to literally start from scratch with another professional as they may want to do things differently (or persuade you to do it another way), meaning you’re back to square one.

Create And Test Your Marketing Plan Yourself

Now that we’ve discussed why the 3 phases are important and why it’s not a great idea to skip straight to phase 3, let’s look at each of the phases in a little more detail.

Phase 1 – Pre-Plan

This is where we all start. We’ve got some great skills, an awesome product / service, and maybe a handful of happy clients under our belts.

But how do we grow? How do we create a more stable stream of clients coming in each week?

How do we reach our business goals effectively?

We need a plan.

This plan comes from designing structured sales funnels for our business that takes our customers through The 5 Pillars To Successful Marketing:

I’ve created a free online training webinar to help you with this…

To get access to the webinar training, click here

Phase 2 – Implementation & Testing

This is actually where most business owners think they are, when they are really in Phase 1.

They may already have an understanding of some marketing processes such as Email Marketing, Blogging, Networking, and have a website – but they still don’t have a structured plan.

Once you do have a solid and concrete marketing plan however, you’re now on the journey of putting the elements together, testing your funnels out, and tweaking what is working.

This usually requires you to learn more in depth about specific platforms & tools (such as how to set up and optimise Facebook Ads for example).

The way to successfully go through Phase 2 is to stay stubbornly focussed on your marketing plan, get coaching and advice where needed, and surround yourself with people who in the same phase as you (or have at least been through Phase 2) to bounce ideas off and to help you with testing and optimising.

To help my clients who are in Phase 2, I offer bespoke training and coaching in specific marketing processes, such as how to set up landing pages, network on LinkedIn effectively, run effective re-marketing campaigns etc. Alongside this, I also offer monthly coaching calls to help keep business owners on track with their plan, set effective goals, and help them overcome any hiccups.

If you are in Phase 2 and would like to discuss how ongoing marketing coaching could help you, feel welcome to drop me a message by clicking here, and we can arrange a chat over the phone or on Skype.

Phase 3 – Delegation / Outsource Phase

Once you finally make it out the other side with a solid marketing plan that has shown to work in the real work, you’re now going to want to outsource the work to a trusted group of professionals to free up your time and scale your business.

This is really where some important decisions need to be made as to whether you hire a full-time marketing professional to work alongside you, or outsource to a freelancer or an agency.

They each have their pro’s and con’s, and depend on how hands-on you want to be with your marketing going forward, and of course your budget.

I offer a few packages to businesses to help them outsource some or all of their marketing depending on their needs.

If you would like to discuss your options and pricing, feel welcome to drop me a message for a chat.

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