Do You Have Explicit And Specific Goals For Your Business?

Now I’m not talking about how many new clients you obtain each month or how many employees you have, i’m talking about overall aims and goals for your business and how it fits into your life.

What kind of goals / aims am I talking about?

  • Personal – the reason you are in business in the first place (passions / needs / etc)
  • Financial – the amount of money you need to earn to do what you want
  • Lifestyle – how you want to spend your time (work from home / have more free time / travel / etc)

Let me ask you a question…

Do You Want To Live Life On Your Terms And Create The Kind Of Life YOU Want To Live?

Isn’t that partly the reason you got into Business in the first place?

I know this is a marketing blog, so you may be wondering why I’ve chosen to focus this article on business goals. The reason is that your business goals will determine what marketing strategy will be right for you in your business.

Your marketing strategy needs to be designed so that it compliments your business goals and allows you to achieve them. So you need to know what your business aims are first.

If you want to achieve and live your dream lifestyle, it’s important to be clear on exactly what it is that you want so you can figure out how to get it. Don’t you think?

I see many business owners 5 years down the line, working their asses off in a creation that doesn’t allow them to live the life they want. Owning a business should be about helping you to do this, so shouldn’t this be at the forefront of your mind?

So What Is It That You Want?

There are a lot of things to consider, but the main focus points come down to the 3 areas I stated previously.

  • Personal Aims
  • Financial Aims
  • Lifestyle Aims

Personal Aims

In your ideal lifestyle, what would you really like to DO and ACHIEVE? Is it really about having money, or something else? Do you want to help people? If so, specifically who do you want to help, and with what? What are you passionate about? What are your interests?

In order for your business to be a part of your dream lifestyle, it needs to fulfil your deepest personal need.

Financial Aims

Of course, we need to make money to live, but exactly how much do you need to earn to live your dream lifestyle?

In order for your business to allow your dream lifestyle to become a reality, you first need to know exactly how much you need to earn because you have to be in a business where it is actually viable to earn this amount of money.

Do you know exactly how many selling opportunities exist for your product or service? Will your customers actually pay for what you are offering? Can they afford it?

If the number’s don’t add up, you may need to find another angle or a different business model altogether.

When setting your financial aims, you need to be realistic and honest with yourself.

Lifestyle Aims

When you really drill your dream lifestyle down to specifics, you’ll start to look at your daily routine. What would your ideal morning, afternoon and evening look like? What would your dream workday consist of?

There’s no point having a business where you have to work 65 hours a week when your dream lifestyle consists of spending more time with your family and friends.

Why not create a business that allows you to live the lifestyle of your dreams rather than have a separate work / life balance going on? Why not just have an awesome life where you do what you want each day – including having the job of your dreams?

In my marketing workshop, we go through an entire process of defining your ‘business standards’ which become the foundations for your marketing strategy and act as guidelines keeping you on track.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan For Your Business?

I’m sure as you sit there, reading this article, thinking of the aims you have in your business, you want your marketing to be the most effective it possibly can be, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be reading an article on a marketing website?

Great marketing comes from having a great plan in place. A Marketing Strategy that allows you to hit all of your goals, both financially and personally, and allows you to be confident, proud, and enthused with how your business is running and growing.

I help Coaches, Creatives and Entrepreneurs create bespoke Marketing Plans to allow them to do just that in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.

If you feel confused with the current way you’re marketing, you can find out more about my Marketing Strategy Workshops by clicking here.

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