You’ve worked your socks off to build the elusive ‘list’, yet you’ve only managed to get just a few sales.,,

How can you turn more of your list into paying customers?

With A Nurturing Campaign

A nurturing campaign is a focused and structured way to build a relationship with your customers, gain credibility, trust, and position yourself as a reputable person / business that can help your customers get what they want.

This is where things like blogging, social media postings, and regular emails come in.

Now many business owners these days have blogs, send emails out, and post things on social media, and often moan that these things aren’t working for them. There are a few questions I usually ask them at this point:

  1. “Is what you are doing really ‘nurturing’ or is it something else?”
  2. “Does your content have a clear and structured outcome / purpose?”

Misconceptions about Nurturing

“Is what you are doing really ‘nurturing’ or is it something else?”

A lot of times, when business owners are blogging, sending out emails, and posting on social media, they are confusing nurturing with Advertising and Collecting Leads, and that often causes them to receive very poor results in terms of enquiries, sales and leads.

Nurturing, Advertising and Collecting Leads are all different, yet very important aspects of the marketing process, but it is important not to mistake one for the other as they all have different outcomes.


  • Advertising – To attract a stranger’s attention and move them towards explicitly stating their interest by taking some form of action.
  • Collecting Leads – To filter out people who are explicitly interested to those that aren’t, and to begin a relationship with those that are interested by collecting their details on a list.
  • Nurturing – To show credibility, build trust, and overcome objections in people who are interested in your product / service, moving them towards making an enquiry.

As they all have very different outcomes, if for instance you are nurturing when you should be advertising, you may be providing value to your customers, but that value isn’t directed towards actually collecting a lead. This results in providing value for nothing in return from your customers.

Not a good situation to be in for someone who is in business.

A nurturing campaign is targeted towards people who are ALREADY on your list, not strangers – you need to advertise to those people.

“Does your content have a clear and structured outcome / purpose?”

So, we’re now advertising when we should be advertising, and nurturing when we should be nurturing, but what content do you send to your list to effectively nurture them, and is there a way you should structure that content?

Nurturing Content

Typically, potential customers will have 3 concerns or ‘objections’ that they need to overcome to buy your product or service.

These concerns are:

  • Money – They need see value in what you do
  • Time – They need to see the importance in it enough to put it to the top of their priorities
  • The Belief It Will Work – They need to have the belief that your product / service will help them get what they want.

So in short, your nurturing content should have the outcome of tackling these concerns by proving the value of what you do, showing it’s important enough for them to act now (buy now), and show them that your product / service will certainly help them get what they want.

Nurturing Structure

When you understand your customers wants, needs and problems, the solution then, will be some sort of process. Take marketing for example:

A business owner may have trouble with getting traffic to their website. What they want in this instance is the opposite of that – to HAVE traffic coming to their website.

  • Current Situation = No Traffic
  • Desired Situation = Having Traffic

Between these 2 points, there will be intermediate steps:

  • Current Situation = No Traffic
  • Step 1 = Understand Current Situation (Awareness) – What’s going wrong?
  • Step 2 = Research The Niche You Are Targeting
  • Step 3 = Discover Where They Hang Out Online
  • Step 4 = Learn Options For Advertising On These Platforms
  • Step 5 = Advertise On Those Platforms
  • Step 6 = Test And Optimise
  • Desired Situation = Having Traffic

Knowing that this is the logical process someone has to go through to overcome that problem, I could structure a nurturing campaign for these kinds of potential customers around answering the 3 main concerns about each step of the solution IN ORDER.

I talk about how to do this in my marketing workshop where we go through how to actually build a nurturing campaign for a particular niche you are targeting, by defining what your nurturing content and structure should be, and how to deliver it to your audience through blogging, automated emails, and social media.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan For Your Business?

I’m sure as you sit there, reading this article, thinking of the potential way you could nurture your potential customers towards making an enquiry, you want your marketing to be the most effective it possibly can be, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be reading an article on a marketing website?

Great marketing comes from having a great plan in place. A Marketing Strategy that allows you to hit all of your goals, both financially and personally, and allows you to be confident, proud, and enthused with how your business is running and growing.

I help Coaches, Creatives and Entrepreneurs create bespoke Marketing Plans to allow them to do just that in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.

If you feel confused with the current way you’re marketing, you can find out more about my Marketing Strategy Workshops by clicking here.

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