So, you have identified a brilliant Niche for your business which has plenty of selling opportunities and a strong want / need that you can full fill with a product or service. You have also identified several ways you can advertise to people in that Niche, whether that be with PPC Facebook Ads, Networking via LinkedIn, a Viral content strategy, or something else.

Now What?

The next hurdle you face is to establish a form of communication with your potential customers so you can nurture them towards a sale. This is important as most of your customers will not be ready to buy from you the first time they come across one of your advertisements.

The most common situation a potential customer finds themselves in is:

  • Wanting to learn more about you and your business to see if you are credible / trustworthy
  • Wanting to discover if you can actually help them get what they want / overcome their problem
  • Wanting to come back to you at a later time when they are ready to buy (they may be out and about / not in a position to buy anything at the very moment they see your advertisement)

Is Collecting Leads Essential?

If you don’t collect leads following your advertisements, many people who would buy after receiving more information from you (nurturing), will still be out there needing / wanting your service. After a while, if they can’t remember who you are (which is likely), they will probably buy from your competitor.

As I mentioned in a previous article, we see on average around 300-700 marketing messages per day. It may be that a potential customer sees your advertisement appealing to their need / want, clicks through to your website, has a little look around, then because they are out doing the shopping, may click off your website looking to return to it at another time.

The following week comes round, and they remember your service. They head to google to search for you but cannot remember your name. This situation is terrible, as you are the one who has spurred their interest, but your competitor will more than likely make the sale.

This can be prevented by making sure that all initial advertising is focused on one goal – to collect leads. You can then follow up with them each week, fortnightly, or even each day, to stay in their mind and nurture them towards a sale.

In a future article we will look at the different ways you can effectively nurture clients towards making a decision to buy from you.

Options When Collecting Leads

You have many options when it comes to actually collecting leads. From gaining a Facebook page like, a connection on LinkedIn, a business card at a networking meeting, an email address or a phone number.

Which One Should You Focus On?

If you have done any research into marketing already then no doubt about it, you would have heard at least one person say how essential it is to ‘build a list’ of email addresses.

Why Email?

Facebook / other social medias can be used to collect leads, but they then own the communication not you. This means that although you have ‘likes’ and ‘followers’, it doesn’t mean you can actually communicate with them when you want to. Facebook charges you to promote posts to your audience, and even then, your potential customers have to be on Facebook to see your advertisement.

Using social medias means that they are the gatekeepers to your customers. If Facebook, Youtube, or LinkedIn shuts down in the future, you lose access to all of your customers.

The more contact information you have, the better (phone, address etc) but email is the easiest to acquire from a stranger over the internet

Email is considered the highest converting and best performing platform by most digital marketing professionals and businesses

I would always recommend that businesses and professionals collect leads in the form of email addresses.

How Do You Collect Leads Effectively?

You may have heard me go on about providing an offer or ‘freebie’ to potential customers in order to collect leads. Some of you may already offer a free eBook on your website or, at least have an option to sign up to your mailing list.

Is this enough? Well, I’ll ask you this. Is it working?

The answer is probably ‘not very well’ unless you have a dedicated landing / squeeze page to collect leads and advertise your offer.

A landing page / squeeze page is a type of web page that has the sole purpose of converting visitors into leads. It often has no clickable links other than the signup button so potential customers have no option to ‘sit on the fence’. They either sign up to receive your offer, or they don’t.

Here is an example of my own landing page I use to collect leads for my business. 

How Effective Are Landing / Squeeze Pages Compared To Standard Web Pages?

A good landing / squeeze page can convert anywhere between 10%-25% of visitors into signups. This means that for every 100 visitors you get to your landing / squeeze page, you gain 10-25 new leads.

Does your current website convert that well? If not, you may want to consider getting purpose built landing / squeeze pages made to use when advertising your offer to customers.

In my Marketing Strategy Workshops, we talk through the various ways you can go about designing a landing / squeeze page, how to design an offer along with the options you have for delivering it. Plus we go through what to write on your landing page to convert the most number of visitors into signups.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan For Your Business?

I’m sure as you sit there, reading this article, thinking of the potential way you could collect leads for your business, you want your marketing to be the most effective it possibly can be, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be reading an article on a marketing website?

Great marketing comes from having a great plan in place. A Marketing Strategy that allows you to hit all of your goals, both financially and personally, and allows you to be confident, proud, and enthused with how your business is running and growing.

I help Coaches, Creatives and Entrepreneurs create bespoke Marketing Plans to allow them to do just that in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.

If you feel confused with the current way you’re marketing, you can find out more about my Marketing Strategy Workshops by clicking here.

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