The main reason for having a specific and defined niche is to ensure your Marketing is laser focussed and therefore hits 3 important standards:

  • Cost Efficiency – Doesn’t cost much
  • Time Effectiveness – Doesn’t take a lot of time to manage
  • Results Orientation – Actually brings in customers and allows you to track what’s working

Marketing without a Niche defined is totally the opposite. It usually costs quite a lot of money, takes a lot of your time to manage, is nearly impossible to track, and therefore leaves you with no idea whether it is working or not.

Marketing Without A Niche Defined = Confusion And Uncertainty

Do you want to have a business model that ensures confusion and uncertainty? No? Then you’re going to want to define some Niche’s to make your marketing more targeted.

The good thing is, it’s really easy to discover Niche’s you can market to. It also makes your business more fun to work in, and often makes your business more profitable!

What Is Having A Defined Niche Like?

Marketing to a specific and defined Niche is like communicating to a group of people who have the same exact interests, rather than communicating to a larger group of people who have very diverse interests.

When I first set up as an NLP coach, I was advertising to anyone and everyone. The thought process that I went through was that coaching can help people from all walks of life with all sorts of different problems, so I should surely offer my services to EVERYONE.

I spoke about helping people with a variety of issues such as Anxiety, Changing Habits, Relationships etc, but whenever I advertised my services, I was never appealing to everyone in my target audience, as they all had different problems.

This caused my advertising to seem all over the place and inconsistent, and although I got clients, they seemed to come in randomly and more from word of mouth then due to my advertising. As I was spending a lot of time promoting my business, it meant I was wasting a LOT of time, and spent most weeks feeling very confused and uncertain about where my next clients were coming from.

How Could I Have Done It Differently?

You could compare this ‘general marketing’ dilemma many coaches find themselves in to coaches who specialise in helping people with specific problems. Let’s take an example of a specialist coach who helps people overcome Fears.

When the specialist advertises, they can talk about how they specifically help people overcome a Fear, their success rate with helping people overcome Fears in the past, and they can even write blog posts offering tips to overcoming a Fear in order to build credibility and trust in their potential customers.

Now although most NLP coaches can help people overcome fears with great success, the specialist’s marketing will appeal to the ‘people with fears’ niche way more, and, therefore the specialist will obtain the greatest number of enquiries.

This is the power of Niching. It makes everything focused and clear rather than uncertain and confusing.

The Process Of Niching

  • Know what you want out of business first and foremost – In my Marketing Strategy Workshop, the first thing we do even before looking at potential Niche’s is to decide what you want out of business both personally and financially. These business standards will define who you work with, and the kind of business model you operate.
  • Understand the kinds of Niche’s you belong to yourself – The easiest place to start when looking for potential Niche’s for your business is to look at what kind of Niche’s, Sub-Culture’s or category of person you belong to yourself. You will have a natural rapport with groups of people you have similar interests with and right off the bat, you’ll understand their wants, needs, and lives better. This will make it easier for you to create marketing material that resonates with your audience.
  • Discover where these people are (online & offline) – There are a number of tools you use to research your audience and see where they hang out both online and offline such as Facebook Audience Insights, Google Keyword Search Tool, and by discovering Blogs and Groups these people use on Social Networks. We cover a large number of these in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.
  • Observe their behaviour to discover the information you need from them – Once you know where your audience is online, you can observe and interact with them on blogs, forums, and social networks alongside using tools such as Facebook Audience Insights to discover what their wants, needs and problems are. After a while you will develop a list of things they are actively searching for and want. You can then craft offers, products and services that will appeal to them.
  • Use all of the tools you have at your disposal to research your niche – We cover a number of these in detail in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan For Your Business?

I’m sure as you sit there, reading this article, thinking of the potential Niche’s you could market to in your business, you want your marketing to be the most effective it possibly can be, don’t you? Otherwise, why would you be reading an article on a marketing website?

Great marketing comes from having a great plan in place. A Marketing Strategy that allows you to hit all of your goals, both financially and personally, and allows you to be confident, proud, and enthused with how your business is running and growing.

I help Coaches, Creatives and Entrepreneurs create bespoke Marketing Plans to allow them to do just that in my Marketing Strategy Workshop.

If you feel confused with the current way you’re marketing, you can find out more about my Marketing Strategy Workshops by clicking here.

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