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Hi, I’m Ben Webb and welcome to my website.

I’ve been providing Digital Marketing and Online Lead Generation services to Small Businesses since mid-2015, and have helped multiple clients streamline their online sales processes and attract more leads to their Businesses by utilising Websites, Social Media Advertising, and Email Marketing effectively.

I typically provide a ‘done-for-you’ Digital Marketing service whereby I act as a Business’s outsourced Marketing Department running their marketing campaigns for them. On occasion, I have also provided Marketing Consultancy and Training for clients with smaller budgets (or who aren’t quite at the stage to outsource their Marketing) but who still require guidance on how to take their Business forward.

Many of my clients have used my services to increase their client base dramatically, and significantly increase their profits.

Marketing is an extremely diverse and varied field, so over the years I have specialised in providing the following services, all of which you can learn more about by scrolling further down this page:

  • Website Design and Management
  • Landing Page Design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels


When I design websites for my clients, I keep in mind something that I believe many generic web designers miss…

“How will this website help my clients drive more leads to their Business?”

After all, a website is a sales and marketing tool, and if it isn’t helping to bring in new business, it isn’t doing its job.


Planning Out The Design

The web design process begins with a conversation discussing what my client wants out of their new website. We look at what kind of layouts, designs, colors and content we can use to create the finished website.

The First Draft

Following on from the initial discussion I go away and design a draft version of the site. My client then provides feedback on the design and I can make any necessary adjustments until both my client and myself are satisfied with the finished project.

Ongoing Website Managment and Editing

Going forward I often then help with updating the website as necessary and assisting with the general management of the website.

A great website can help ensure that interested potential customers buy into your Business and choose you over the competition.


Simon Withington

Simon Withington

Trainer, Coach and Fibre Optics Expert

“Working with Ben is a reassuring experience for several reasons. Firstly, his understanding of your individual needs and the effect that has on how he helps. Secondly, he is dependable; he will respond in good time with a proper answer. Thirdly, he absolutely values your time and the value he adds during the time you work together, there will be no ‘fluff’.
Perfect blend of youth & maturity in this age of social media.”


Traditional websites are great for providing information to interested potential customers highlighting how you stand out from your competition…

But what traditional websites are quite poor at doing is generating leads or enquiries from people who have never heard of you before (i.e. new Business coming from advertisements)


What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are specific web pages that are aimed towards converting totally new visitors into leads and are utilised as part of an advertising campaign.


Initial Consultation

A campaign begins with a conversation to discuss my client’s target market and brainstorm the content and strategy for the landing page.

Designing The First Draft

Following on from the initial conversation I then go away and design a draft version of the landing page before making any necessary adjustments as per my client’s feedback.

Use As Part Of A Live Advertising Campaign

Once both myself and my client are satisfied, the Landing Page can then be used as part of a live Advertising Campaign.

An effective landing page can be the difference between losing money and achieving a healthy return on your investment in advertising. Landing Pages can allow you to generate new business much more easily.


The biggest problems Businesses face with advertising are usually:

Targeting The Right People

Businesses rarely get their advertisements in front of the right people (or they use a scatter-gun approach to advertising)

Getting A Good Return On Investment

Businesses often don’t get a great return on their advertisements (because they are often paying for the advertisements to be seen by the WRONG people)

Facebook Advertising (done correctly) overcomes both of those problems by allowing you to get advertisements in front of exactly the right people with laser-like accuracy at an affordable price which can result in a great return on investment.

What Does A Facebook Advertising Campaign Look Like?

A Facebook Advertising campaign consists of a combination of consultations to map out the strategy and goals alongside the designing, setup and management of the advertisements themselves. This is followed up by regular calls to discuss campaign performance and to make adjustments.


Mark and Nicky Taylor

Mark and Nicky Taylor

NLP Master Trainers and directors of The Taylored Life Company

“Ben did an awesome job marketing our latest Weekend Coaching event. He filled the room with the right people for us to market to which resulted in us signing over 30% of the audience into our flagship Coaching Training which gave us a massive 2,000% return on our investment for the campaign. If you want someone who knows the latest online marketing techniques, gets on with the job and delivers what they say, on time every time, then Ben is the person for you. We have already signed up for the next campaign!”


Marketing to high value professionals can often be difficult… But not on LinkedIn!


Start Sales Conversations With Ease

Through LinkedIn, you can establish direct conversations with people in nearly any industry, with any job title, and who work for some of the biggest companies in the world. You can then follow a simple process to direct those conversations towards generating enquiries and leads for your Business.

What Does A LinkedIn Advertising Campaign Look Like?

A Linkedin Advertising campaign is a combination of consultations to map out strategy and goals, alongside the designing, setup and management of the advertisements themselves. This is followed up by regular calls to discuss campaign performance and to make adjustments.


Melanie Cardwell

Melanie Cardwell

Health and Happiness Coach

“I can highly recommend Ben for his marketing strategies, especially with sales funnels and lead generation. He’s also pretty knowledgeable with web design and can put his mind to pretty much anything when it comes to marketing!”


The ability to get information in front of potential customers is the key to driving sales, and email marketing is a fantastic way to distribute information (such as special offers, product launches, seasonal events and more) to a large number of people in a short amount of time.

When Can Email Marketing Be Used?

If a Business has a large database consisting of leads and current customers (email addresses, phone numbers, addresses etc) there are a number of strategies and ‘email sequences’ that can be utilised to encourage more sales from that database.


Writing And Scheduling Emails

A campaign would begin with a conversation to assess whether the Businesses database could be effectively used as part of an email marketing strategy. When an opportunity has been identified, I then help the Business write the emails and schedule them to go out to their list.



Email Marketing can help generate repeat Business and bring in a sales boost at set times throughout the year.


Individually, Advertising, Landing Pages, Websites and Email Marketing aren’t necessarily geared towards bringing in new Business, but when combined together as part of a ‘Sales Funnel’ they can be incredibly effective.

A Sales Funnel is a sequence of steps that:



Attracts potential leads with Advertising.


Converts advertising traffic to leads using Landing Pages.


Nurtures leads towards a sale by providing information via Email Marketing and Websites

A Sales Funnel campaign starts with a consultation to map out the overall strategy, goals, and direction.

From there each element of the campaign is created, from the website itself, to the landing pages, advertisements, emails, and any other necessary components backed up by regular calls and meetings to track campaign progress.

Once the marketing campaign is live, on-going calls are scheduled to discuss campaign results and make changes as necessary.

Sales Funnels can help create a consistent and systemised way to generate more Business.


Emma Sidney

Emma Sidney

Coach and Speaker

“Working with Ben has been a pleasure. He knows what he’s talking about and is open to input and suggestions, he will say if he believes a different approach will work more effectively. The work Ben’s produced for me has really helped me and my business because he knows the technical aspects which I don’t understand and has explained them in a way which enables me to understand.”


Businesses can also benefit from learning how best to utilise Digital Marketing themselves.

If there isn’t a budget to fully outsource Marketing, or if an existing team within a Business could do with boosting their knowledge in a specific area of Marketing… Training and Consultancy can help make sure a Business is maximising opportunities to generate more clients and customers.

Training and Consultancy services are bespoke and tailor-made to each project and can be delivered in the form of Workshops, 1:1 or small group Coaching, in person, Skype, or over the Phone.


Enter your name, email address, phone number along with a short message in the form below and click ‘SEND’. I’ll then be in touch to schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation at a convenient time to suit you.

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